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SOC 2 Compliance Attestation Support

Scale and build trust with your best customers by being SOC 2 compliant


Supporting New Zealand and Australian businesses get through their first-ever SOC 2 Compliance audits with 100% confidence.


Getting started is challenging, hence why we have a dedicated consultant who will guide you through the process and provide pre-audit setting to make sure you are on the right path to achieving your SOC 2 certification.


We provide end-to-end services for SOC 2, from Readiness Assessments and Gap Analysis to Policy Reviews, Remediation, Audit Preparation, Reporting and Continous Monitoring.

We work with amazing customers

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Unlock better revenue opportunities with a SOC 2 Type 1 or Type 2 Report.

At AMARU, we specialise in assisting businesses through their SOC 2 compliance journey and collaborate with auditors to get you compliant fast. Our comprehensive services are designed to streamline the compliance process and ensure a successful outcome for your business.


SOC 2 compliance timeline for businesses in nz and australia
SOC 2 compliance for businesses in nz and australia

Here’s how AMARU fits into your compliance journey


Not all businesses have the time and resources to have an in-house compliance officer or CISO. This is where AMARU’s expertise comes in. We work as your compliance team, making sure you get the support you need and work with the auditors from an accredited AICPA firm to accelerate your compliance.


As you build your business and the systems become more complex, it is impossible for you to manually track and manage compliance across people, assets, cloud and various vendors. Our compliance platform is built for that purpose! You can plan, achieve and manage compliance at a much faster rate with our AI-powered solution.


As part of our end-to-end service, we make sure you get a clean SOC 2 report and ensure you have the right controls post the audit. 

How does SOC 2 Compliance Benefit Organisations?

Businesses in fast-moving and modern environment can enhance cyber resilience proactively, minimising organisational risk exposure, and align with top-tier cyber security standards with a SOC 2 Report.

SOC 2 compliance for businesses in nz and australia

Enhanced Data Security

SOC 2 compliance provides a robust framework for enhancing data security, safeguarding your business and customer information, ultimately reducing the risk of significant cybersecurity gaps.

SOC 2 compliance for businesses in nz and australia

Competitive Advantage

Achieving SOC 2 compliance sets your business apart, keeping you ahead of your competition in terms of demonstrating a commitment to industry-recognised security standards and best practices.

SOC 2 compliance for businesses in nz and australia

Increased Trust

Having a SOC 2 report is becoming an expectation among customers. You can build trust and credibility with customers, partners, and stakeholders by showcasing your dedication to data security and compliance.

Case Study

Figured were facing high demand with third party due diligence and security expectations from partners. Working with financial institutions they needed a security accreditation to give their partners and customers confidence in their security. They knew that they needed SOC 2 attestation but didn’t know if they had the expertise to achieve it. They are a young, dynamic company and needed a partner that could understand their needs and fit into their company culture.


skilled professionals

Skilled team of professionals at your service

We know there’s a skill shortage in cybersecurity, so entrust our highly skilled cybersecurity specialists to manage all aspects of cybersecurity, ensuring robust cybersecurity and risk management.

we care about your business

We care about your business- like its ours!

This means we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest level of protection and support, just like we would for our own company – and fret not we don’t charge a hefty amount for our consultancy services!

achieve a secure digital environment

Achieve a secure and resilient digital environment

Incorporating aspects of AI and automation, we provide strategies that strengthen your cybersecurity posture, enabling you to sell products and services securely both locally and globally with internationally-recognised security standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

See our frequently asked cyber security questions below for help and advice.

What are the benefits of obtaining SOC 2 Compliance attestation?

Getting SOC 2 compliant can have multiple benefits on your business. Benefits include increased trust and confidence from clients, better risk management, a competitive edge in the marketplace, and assurance of data security and privacy practices. With cyberrisk insurance becoming more and more expensive, showcasing a SOC 2 report can help with lowering of long-term costs and expensive fines, if a potential data breach were to occur.

What industries and entities need to be SOC 2 compliant?

SOC 2 compliance can be relevant to all organisations, but it’s particularly useful for “service organisations.” Service organisations that store customer data in the cloud, manage sensitive information, or provide services related to financial transactions, healthcare, or technology often need to be SOC 2 compliant.

As most kiwi businesses are small-to-medium sized enterprises, jumping on this journey to get compliant can be difficult and overwhelming. Which is why, we offer a higly effective service where we’d take care of all your compliance requirements and the audits, getting you through your first-ever SOC 2 audits with 100% confidence.

How does AMARU support organisations in obtaining SOC 2 compliance?

AMARU provides Australian and New Zealand businesses a comprehensive support in the compliance process, including readiness risk assessments, policy and procedure development, implementation of security controls, and preparation for SOC 2 audits. We also work with together with the auditors, to answer all the questions and get you SOC 2 compliant in no time.

We started our SOC 2 journey internally but are struggling at the moment. Can you help?

Kickstarting your SOC 2 journey can be a challenge especially when it’s your first time with these frameworks. We specialise in helping businesses achieve security compliance standards no matter where on the implementation journey they are. We also understand the struggle, which is why we’d be happy to work with you on making sure you get the process right at the first time.

Apart from that, maintaining all the information, and keeping track of documentation manually can be highly time consuming. With our service you also get access to our in-house AI-powered platform which can help you manage the compliance process with automated integrations to lessen your workload and keep your documentation up to date.


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