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Managed Detection and Response

(MDR) Services

Reduce the cost and complexity of threats with 24/7 threat detection.


Fully-managed, round-the-clock monitoring and remediation, without the need for internal security capabilities.


Benefit from top-rated malware detection and exploit protection through our intelligent EDR solutions.


Stopping advanced human-led attacks on your behalf, reducing the cost associated with security incidents.

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Proactive 24/7 security monitoring and protection solution for your business.

As threats evolve, and businesses adopt innovative security technologies, more threats arise which requires manpower, and expertise to address great amount of alerts from new security technologies.

With AMARU MDR, our team of experts help Australia and New Zealand businesses stop advanced human-led attacks, and take care of the threats before any major disruption occurs to your business operations. This service will allow you to become more resilient to potential attacks, at a reasonable cost without the burden of staffing a full-fledged security team and going through alert fatigue.

AMARU MDR can be customised with different service tiers, delivered using our technology or by leveraging tools from other vendors, including Microsoft, CrowdStrike, AWS, Google, Okta, Darktrace, and many others.

AMARU is one of the best providers  of managed detection and response (MDR)  services, consultants and solutions  across New Zealand and Australia

Why are businesses using AMARU’s MDR solutions?

Without an MDR solution, a hacker could be lurking in your system for 277 days before the threat is detected. With AMARU’s MDR, you’d be able reduce your detection time to within minutes through intelligent endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities, featuring top-rated malware detection and exploit protection.

24x7 Threat Hunting

We are backed by six global SOCs and use data science and threat intelligence to detect and respond to threats before they can compromise your data or cause downtime.

Advanced Adversarial Detections

Businesses are able to distinguish between legitimate behavior and the tactics used by attackers, ensuring the accurate identification of potential threats.

Improving Security Posture

Receive valuable insights on OS versions, applications, vulnerabilities, and managed/unmanaged assets for strengthening overall security capabilities.

Automatic Threat Termination

MDR will help block 99.98% of threats, allowing our experts to detect and stop the most sophisticated attackers at a faster rate.

Dedicated Security Team

Every busines has unique security needs. Our specialists will collaborate with your internal team and make sure your cybersecurity is managed and tailored to your needs.

Detailed Activity Reporting

Businesses will get real-time alerts, with weekly and monthly reports that provide insights into security investigations, cyber threats and your security posture.

Remediation Service

Businesses are able to restore their systems to original state, cleaning all the malware and removing persistance mechanism should an incident occur.

Proactive Security Health Check

Our team of experts will review your settings, conduct examinations of system operating conditions and recommend configuration improvements if needed. 

Case Study

amaru partner logo

SolaZero were happy with the way the security reviews were conducted and the reporting and workshopping of the end results. They now have a good understanding of their issues which they can use as a foundation for a security and compliance programme. SolarZero were so impressed with the way AMARU works, they decided to bring us onboard as long-term security partners.

AMARU success story of clients and partners
AMARU's cybersecurity MDR (Managed Detection and Response) solutions and services

AMARU as your MDR partner

  • With our MDR service, you not only get 24x7x365 protection to your systems but if an incident occurs, our specialists will be on standby providing consultancy services and working on the next steps with your team.
  • Continuous operations and robust defences, safeguarding your digital assets, and ensuring you’re shielded from potential cybersecurity threats.
  • No changes are required to your system. The best part about our solution is that your existing security data from Firewall, Email and Cloud as well as Microsoft Graph Security can all be integrated with AMARU MDR.
  • Seamless onboarding process gaining access to immediate protection and real-time visibility into your security landscape.
  • We keep you in the loop and ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest advancements in cloud technology, ensuring your defences stay one step ahead of evolving threats.


skilled professionals

Skilled team of professionals at your service

We know there’s a skill shortage in cybersecurity, so entrust our highly skilled cybersecurity specialists to manage all aspects of cybersecurity, ensuring robust cybersecurity and risk management.

we care about your business

We care about your business- like its ours!

This means we go above and beyond to provide you with the highest level of protection and support, just like we would for our own company – and fret not we don’t charge a hefty amount for our consultancy services!

achieve a secure digital environment

Achieve a secure and resilient digital environment

Incorporating aspects of AI and automation, we provide strategies that strengthen your cybersecurity posture, enabling you to sell products and services securely both locally and globally with internationally-recognised security standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Check out our FAQs for more information.

What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and how does it benefit my organisation?

MDR is a comprehensive cybersecurity service that combines advanced threat detection, proactive monitoring (EDR services), and rapid incident response to protect your organisation from cyber threats. It provides round-the-clock monitoring, threat hunting, and expert response to potential security incidents, helping to enhance your overall cyber defense capabilities.

Which organisations is AMARU MDR suited for?

Our AMARU MDR service is suitable to all organisations regardless of their size. This is the best tool for any organisation that:

  • Lacks the expertise to keep up with the latest threats
  • Struggles to have a full-fledged in-house security team
  • Are looking for 24/7 monitoring of their environment
  • Want to have peace of mind knowing that experts are managing their security operations 
  • Looking to go beyond automated protection but currently don’t have the capability to take advantage of their EDR 
  • Are looking for the capabilities of a modern SOC

Can MDR help my organisation comply with industry-specific regulations and standards?

Yes, MDR can assist your organisation in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing detailed activity reporting, security health checks, and dedicated threat response leads. These features help in documenting and addressing security incidents, conducting proactive security assessments, and maintaining a robust security posture aligned with industry regulations and standards.

What type of organisations can implement MDR solutions? And are there any specific resources needed for it?

MDR is designed for organisations that do not have the internal capability, expertise, or resources to manage day-to-day cybersecurity monitoring. Our MDR service is a fully-managed solution, providing expert cybersecurity monitoring, detection, and response without the need for internal management or dedicated cybersecurity staff.

The process is rather simple. There is also no need for you to make any changes to your systems. We are able to integrate to your current systems and work our way from there.

Is your MDR Service 24x7?

We understand that for most organisations it’s not practically possible to staff their security operations throughout the night. You can be rest assured that our MDR solution will operate around-the-clock 24×7, 365 days to make sure your systems are safe from attackers while you get a good night’s sleep.


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