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AMARU’S Partner Network

Joining Amaru’s partner network is an excellent opportunity to be an integral part of our customer-first approach and contribute to our continued growth.

We place a high value on the industry expertise, value-added services, and innovative solutions that our partners bring to the table. As a member of our world-class partner community, you will have the chance to collaborate with us and make a real impact on the success of businesses across Australia and New Zealand .

Our Partners

Partnering with some of the best and reputable organisations in the industry that are integral to the cybersecurity and audit compliance journey.

Why partner with AMARU?

Unlock New Sources of Revenue

Join our extensive network of customers and partners to discover new channels for revenue growth and business expansion.

Enhance Your Brand's Visibility & Reach

Collaborate with us to create compelling partner content, ranging from joint webinars to video interviews, that effectively showcases and amplifies your brand.

Access to Expertise and Guidance

Enhance your understanding of market trends, customer needs and emerging technologies which can ultimately contribute to product refinement and strategic decision-making.

Join AMARU Partner Network